Sometimes… it’s just about the moment.

Take a look at the image above.  Go ahead, I can wait. Now... is this the most amazing wedding photo ever?  Nope.  Some might think it's horrible, I mean, only one little girl is looking at the camera.  The rest are all over the place... and.. where's the bride and groom?  Yeah, that's part of her dress on camera right. To me... this is a story.  This is one of those fleeting hidden moments that happens at every wedding when no one is looking.  Well, guess what?  We're looking. I see two bridesmaids engrossed and becoming slightly emotional at the ceremony happening right before their eyes.  I see a third bridesmaid smiling on at the two little ones in front of her.  I see one little girl who noticed a camera, so she's doing her best to "be good", but she's not sure whether to smile or not.  Then, we see the bride's daughter trying to talk to her friend, obviously bored by all the "adult stuff" going on behind her. In addition to all of that, the colors, the soft glow, it all just flows together so well, and it brings me back to Yari and Rudy's wedding yet again. More to come, still working on the rest! -B