Rachel and Jeremy: Engagement in St Petersburg, Florida

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, here is another of our Engagement Giveaways!  Rachel and Jeremy.  They chose the downtown St Pete location, and I think based on how they dressed and their "look" and how they interacted, they nailed it.  What a fun couple, full of energy, and they seemed to really get into it.

I'll say it again... this experience (the Engagement Session Giveaway) has been such a great thing for us!  We've met some amazing couples and every one really was "our kind" of people.  I mean, I'd love to work with all of them for their weddings.  You'd think that wouldn't happen, right?  Yup, me too.  Yet, here we are, after... 6?  7?  Sessions and every one was great.

So great, we might do this again.

Something that I wanted to mention, in case anyone missed it or didn't know... we are what is known as "Editorial Style" photographers.  I just learned that that is a thing, and we are that thing.  What does that mean?  Well, you'd be surprised how many people I speak to who ask me, "So, you'll pose us and tell us what to do, right?".  I can hear the urgency in their voice.  Apparently there are a lot of photographers who don't do this... which is shocking to me.  Part of the JOB of being a Professional Photographer is knowing how to pose people so they look their best.  I'm floored that there are people out there charging money (often more than we do!) that have little to no actual knowledge of this most basic tenet of Professional Photography.  So, to be clear, YES we will direct, or pose as needed so you look your best and never feel like I just told you to "go over there and do something interesting!", as that was an actual quote from a past client who had had a bad experience with another photographer.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox.  Just remember, when you hire a Professional Photographer, you're not hiring a camera operator, anyone can do that.  You're hiring:

  • A person, intuitive and clever that can assess a situation and determine what will photograph best.
  • A creative, someone who really WANTS to make something amazing for you.  It's what makes us tick.
  • Someone who has done this many times.  So many that the basics of operating a camera are secondary.  Their attention is on you, not the machinery.
  • Experience, enough that they are confident of the outcome of their images.  Over many years, styles are formed, habits, and those mad skills.
  • Someone who can put you at ease, in a stressful situation.  A calming soothing presence that builds your own confidence, since... it takes two to tango.  We can't make great images without you.
  • A huge investment in equipment, training, and research.  You're not paying for the few hours we spend with you.  You're investing in the thousands of hours that brought us to this point.

Okay, I'm fully off the soapbox... enjoy Rachel and Jeremy's Sneak Peek!