Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at Sawgrass Lake Park – Abigail and Deondre

Sometimes you just can't wait.  I completely understand that. There have been many a time when I was looking forward to something so much that I could hardly bare it.  So, as Abigail and Deondre prepared for their wedding, the excitement got the better of them and they just couldn't wait.  She had her dress.  He had his formal wear.  So they went and made it official.

Now, they are still having their wedding with all the fun, family and friends but they get to start their lives together as husband and wife right now.  It personally warms my heart and I am grateful that they took the drive to Sawgrass Lake Park so we could capture this special moment in time for them.  Not only did we photograph the newlyweds but we also captured some adorable moments with their son and Deondre's sister.  It was a perfect day for a perfect couple.  Capturing this moment for them was a joy. I am glad they didn't wait.