Playful Sand Key Park Engagement – Mallory & Dillon

One of the perks of our job is meeting so many wonderful people. Seeing their personalities shine through as well as their love for each other is truly a joy.  Mallory and Dillon are such a playful couple as is illustrated in their Sand Key Park Engagement Session.

sand key engagement sessionFirst meetings can always be a bit awkward, even when chatting back and forth through email and/or telephone.  But after initial introductions with Mallory and Dillon this sense of familiarity arose leaving all awkwardness in the sand behind us.  I personally love it when we click with our couples.  It makes everything so much easier and from that point I know that we can create some wonderfully personal imagery for them.  We started off with more traditional portraits then moved quickly on to details of Mallory's sparkling eyes and beautiful ring, a sweet walk on the beach, picturesque portraits with sea oats, kissing, hugging and more kissing and things really got interesting.  You see, one of the fun things about an engagement session on the beach is utilizing the opportunity to get in the water.  It is a fantastic once in a lifetime situation.  How often are you going to pose as a mermaid or have your very own trashy romance novel cover?  It also washes away both figuratively and literally any inhibitions or apprehensions one might have about having their portrait taken.  And we almost always get a laugh or two which is a great bonus!  We ended our time with Mallory and Dillon with a skip on the boardwalk.  You read that right and it was Dillon who initiated it.  I hope you enjoy their sneak peek as much as Brian and I had photographing it!