Pinterest… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… etc., etc.

pinterest-logo So, as some likely know, for a long time I was against Pinterest. To some extent, I still am, but let me explain. Many times, I've seen "stylized photoshoots" posted all over, and Pinterest certainly does not lack for them. These images give unrealistic expectations for a wedding.

How do they give unrealistic ideas? Well, given unlimited time, unlimited help, and the perfect situation, I would hope any photographer worth their camera strap could take a decent photo. That's what you have with these set up shoots. It's not real, it's just like a Hollywood Movie set.

I've never seen a real wedding work that way, and I don't think anyone has.

Real weddings are time-limited, stressful, action-packed days with... as much as I hate to admit it, a lot more going on than just pretty pictures. Yes, I admit it, the photography is just a part of the wedding day.

During a photo shoot, it's the ONLY thing. Make sense?

So... in retrospect, I was a bit hard on Pinterest, but understandably so.

Enter 2016, and well, things are different, sort of.  I love it when people share our images, and Pinterest is actually really, REALLY good at sharing images.  So, I eased up on my stance, and you might have noticed the Pinterest icon above and below our blog posts.

Go ahead, pin away, we appreciate it.

Also, along with the Pinterest button, are some others, ways to share or follow our blog.  I'm sure most of you know by now that we gain many of our customers through referrals from other customers.  We like that.  It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It says something too, it says we did a good job, and that's something important, and something we want others to know.  So, those little icons aren't just for decoration, we actually want you to use them. We have a large body of work on Facebook already, and well, I'll be honest, we just copy those posts to Twitter, but that may soon change.  Instagram, you are a conundrum to me, but, fun I think, so expect to see more on there too. So, in summary, we're trying to be social here... you should too.  See something you like?  Share it.  We give you lots of options.