Philippe Park Engagement Session – Nancy and Dave

philippe Park photographer

I believe in instant attraction, or love at first sight.  There are some relationships that simply ignite.  They have chemistry, soul, or whatever name you wish to call that magic that instantly happens.  It is unmistakable yet indescribable.  Whatever it is, I believe that Nancy and Dave have it.

You see, when we first get to work with a couple we spend as much time observing their behavior and reaction as we do actually photographing them.  I know that might sound a tad creepy, but it is an important part of our job.  Without this ability we can not truly capture a couple's essence.  In this process we see trends. Couples that have been together for a long time tend to act similar and couples that have been together for a limited amount of time act another way.  It is little things, like the ease of which they hold hands, kiss, fall into position that are clues. Nancy and Dave showed signs of being a couple for a very long time.  They got each other's jokes.  Showed a comfort around each other without any hesitation or fumbling.  However they haven't been together all that long.  You see, for them it just works. They have that undeniable connection that forgoes time.  It was a pleasure getting to know them better and sharing this special time of their lives with them.  Brian and I look forward to photographing their wedding.  Enjoy their Philippe Park Engagement Session sneak peek.