Matt and Sammy Jo’s Sunset Beach Engagement Session

Here's the scene:  It was our second... wait, no... third?  Winter here in Florida this year.  Temperatures were creeping southward of 40 degrees.  For those of you up North... that's pretty cold here.  Sure, you get feet of snow, yada yada.  Come visit in August, see how you feel then.  Anyway.  It was one of those cold days, and our couple decided they wanted a Beach Engagement Shoot.  Now... this does NOT bother me in the least, I kinda like the cooler weather.

I say it a lot, but we really do love our clients.  Not sure how it happens, but we only get the most amazing people.  Friendly, cooperative, respectful... it truly becomes a partnership where we all contribute and we all listen and in the end, everyone is happy.  Sounds too easy to be true.  Well, it's true, take my word.

Sammy Jo and Matt moved here from Kansas just two years ago, so this whole "warm in winter" thing is still new to them.  This is part of what makes Floridians so interesting, we all have mixed backgrounds from all over, well, unless you're Derica... she's one of the five people that were born here.

Summing this up!  We had a great time creating images together, and we are looking forward to Sammy Jo and Matt's Beach Wedding later this year!

Enjoy their sneak peek!