Maria & Jeff’s Sand Key Engagement Session and Gulf Harbors Yacht Club Wedding

Yes, you read that right, Engagement and Wedding all in one post.  You see, we were supposed to do Maria and Jeff's Engagement Session a couple of weeks before the wedding, but, there was an emergency with one of their dogs, so we rescheduled.  Pets are family, we get that.  Trust me, we get that.  So, we did their Engagement Session a couple days before the wedding.

Why bother, you might ask.

Well, here's the thing... The better we know you, the better we can put you into situations that suit you, that are comfortable for you, and flatter you.  The better you know us, the more you will trust us, and have confidence that we are doing things to help you and flatter you.  It's a lovely circle.  What better way to get to know a photographer than to HAVE THEM PHOTOGRAPH YOU?

It's pretty simple really, and that's why we encourage everyone to have their photographer do an Engagement Session with them!

Oh... Maria and Jeff.  They had the ceremony and reception in YET ANOTHER venue I'd never heard of.  Neither did Doug the DJ, but he said they had another wedding there the following week, so... up and coming place maybe?  Anyway, it's right on the water, and it's cute spot for a ceremony.  But... Maria and Jeff had bigger plans!

You see, their dogs were supposed to be in the Bridal Party, ring bearers, I think.  With a bit of a concentration problem and the aforementioned health scare, they decided against that plan.  Instead, we stopped by their house during cocktail hour and did a family portrait in the backyard.  Then, down the street to a little private beach that had the most awesome stone wall.  It was well before sunset still so the sun was pretty harsh, but, such is the life of a photographer.  We make it work!

Then back to the Yacht Club for dinner, dancing and drinking, err, I mean good times with friends!  Pay no attention to that group doing shots at the bar.  Nothing to see here.  It was a great night, and... who knew classic rock n' roll would get everyone dancing?  Well, it did, and it was a great time.

Enjoy their sneak peek!


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