Lauren & Kalin’s Wedding at Cross Creek Ranch

I am a photographer, but for a moment, let me attempt to paint a picture for you with words.  Clear skies and an expanse of green greet us as we make our way to Cross Creek Ranch.  Farmland, cow pastures, ancient trees and quiet streams, these are some of my favorite things.  I start to feel that giddy feeling in my stomach.  Why?  Well, I may have been born in Florida, but my heart is and always will be at the old family farm in West Virginia.  Every trip away from cities mentally brings me to my happy place.  And let me tell you, this little girl was happy.  We pull up in the drive and are met by two smiling young gentlemen.  They direct us where to park and point out areas of interest.  This is a big place!  Winding brick walkways lead you from building to building.  The bridal suite and “man cave”  are separate buildings so we have no worries of them seeing each other.  There is even a lovely butterfly garden behind the bridal suite that is perfect for a quick bridal session.  I can see the wheels turning in Brian’s mind as the many coordinators and assistants show us around.  We cross an adorable wooden bridge and take a mental note that we hope it is shady there after the ceremony for pictures of the bride and groom (and it was) and we make our way to gorgeously renovated barn.  The front portion’s horse stalls now hold the gift room, candy room, sitting room, bar and buffet.  The space then opens up beyond for the large reception area complete with long feasting tables and a dance floor.  Soft sheer curtains take place of walls and make for easy access to the horseshoe pit, corn hole toss and fire pit beyond.  Tons of details make the space personalized for Lauren and Kalin; old looking chandeliers, cross cut wood sections with the bark still on and stamped with each guest’s name for coasters and placeholders, burlap table runners and mismatched framed table numbers scattered amongst sunflowers and daisies.  The ceremony takes place at the foot of an ancient tree, it’s branches shading the guests.  Lanterns hang from it’s branches and help create a certain formality to the space.  An ironwork gazebo is nearby and a guitarist sings and plays for us as the bridal party makes their way.  Formal attire and cowboy boots is a good combo if you ask me and the bride’s maids looked so cute in their navy pocketed dresses and cowboy boots.  Lauren’s cousin did a wonderful job officiating the ceremony.  Bil Mitchell of Harmonic Events got the dance floor going as DJ.  Alta Fleura created the fun and friendly floral designs.  Hungry Harry’s provided the delicious BBQ and Alessi’s decorated the cake.  Speaking of the cake, the cake topper was one of the most original ones I have seen.  I couldn’t help but look at it and think how nice it will be for Lauren and Kalin to have that displayed in their house.  Turns out that one of the groomsmen (Lauren’s brother) is a sculptor instructor and his wife a graphic designer.  They designed and made that special for Lauren and Kalin.  No wonder I liked it so much!  The party lasted well into the night and then we lined the walkway with smiling faces and sparklers for Lauren and Kalin’s get away.  A perfect ending to a perfect day. Enjoy their sneak peek. ~Derica