Laura & Scott’s Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club Wedding

Laura and Scott chose Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club as their wedding venue.  Now we are familiar with this venue as we have had the honor of working there quite a few times before.  We know that Rachel and the rest of the staff at Lakewood Ranch do a great job making sure everything runs smoothly and that all the guests needs will be taken care of.  We know that the building and grounds are beautiful with many picturesque spots like the getting ready room's balcony, the grand stair cases both indoors AND outdoors, not to mention covered outdoor areas and a vista of the surrounding golf course.  We know that they are vendor friendly which is a HUGE bonus in our book!  We wouldn't have to worry about parking, being fed or communication.  What did we not know?  Well, we didn't know about the weather, which in all honesty one never really knows for sure in Florida anyway.  We didn't know how accommodating the Lakewood Ranch staff could be with a last minute change of plans due to said weather.  We didn't know about the recent renovations that made the grounds look that much more lovely and the main ballroom that much more classy.  We also didn't know where that ivy covered tunnel was as we rarely have time to look for it AND capture all those wonderfully precious moments of a wedding day.  To sum things up, we got some fantastic images for Laura and Scott and their day went super smooth due to the wonderful staff at Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club.  Great job to everyone who made this wedding day one to remember fondly for years to come!  Enjoy their sneak peek.



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