Kristy and Paul’s Engagement at Sand Key Park

Life can be hectic at times.  We all have good days and bad days.  I think one thing most people can agree upon is the need for more time.  That said, many times when we meet potential clients it is after a long day of work and through the dreaded traffic of Tampa Bay.  So nerves may be frazzled, wits may be at ends… that sort of thing.  When Brian and I met Kristy and Paul we agreed upon a Starbucks that we don’t often frequent.  Once there we found a jam-packed location with no large tables.  So we found a spot outside and moved two tables together.  The meeting went well, even with the distraction of traffic and boisterous “off from work gatherings” that occurred around us.  However, this was admittedly not an ideal situation.  So, when it came time to photograph them for their engagement session, I was relieved to find the beach mostly deserted.  The four of us could talk uninterrupted and relax.  Everyone was happy.  The weather was lovely.  We got some great images for them to remember this time of their lives.  What a difference.  Chalk this one up to location, location, location. Winking smile