Kristen & Michael’s The Lange Farm Wedding

Kristen and Michael's wedding was quite simply... awesome.  Sure, like any wedding, it had lots of love, family, friends and the like.  It also had a gorgeous location, a beautiful dress, and two wonderful people pledging to spend their lives together. Aside from the fact that Kristen and Michael are a joy to work with, I love getting to know the family a little.  Yeah, I'm a sap, I admit it, but I love the warm fuzzies that accompany weddings. So, there are articles out there written saying to only show 5 or at most ten images from a wedding as a "sneak peek".  These are my babies!  How can I only show that many?  They say people will be bored looking through them all.  Well, if you're still here and still reading, you didn't get bored and you proved "them" wrong.  So, thanks for that. As amazing as this wedding was... of course there are always things that we as photographers have to overcome.  This time, it was the sun.  It set.  I'm still working on that superpower where I can make it come back up again or at the very least just kinda hover there for a while.  I have yet to perfect it. The sun set right about as Kristen and Mike had their first kiss as husband and wife and just before we started doing family photos.  Now... something to note, "The lack of sun does not do anything but change the LOOK and STYLE of your photos.  They're no better or worse, just different.".  Having to create the light to shoot by is an interesting and complicated process at times.  Thankfully, Lange Farm has lots of decor lights, spotlights and other aids to give us something more to work with.  It's all part of being a wedding photographer, we are here to tell a story, and if that story includes the sun going down, well... that's the story we tell. We truly had a great time with these two.  Near the end of the evening, we walked down to the barn for a few more private, intimate yet dramatically lit photographs.  I have to admit, it was a lot of fun, and I'm really pleased with the images from their wedding.  There are moments that being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world, and this was another of those moments. Thanks for looking!   -Brian   And, here's a shoutout to all the awesome people we worked with to make Kristen and Michael's wedding so great: The Lange Farm: Destiny and Light Hair & Makeup Group: Buds Blooms and Beyond: Delectables: Corey's Bakery: Expert Productions: