Kristen and David’s Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club Wedding

I should title this one, "How to not live a life of regret" (said in my best Scottish brogue or burr).


Have a seat, let me tell you a story, a story of a Wedding Photographer, his partner and wife, of clouds, and of a couple getting married.

It begins with some emails, not the most romantic of beginnings, but that's how it went.  Kristen was referred to us by Melissa at Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club for her wedding photography.  It's a great place, lots of "scenes", plenty of areas to work in and... it's beautiful.

She didn't want anything fancy, didn't even want a ceremony.  Just some photos of family and friends and her reception.  It seemed a wee bit odd to us at the time, but, hey, we're not here to judge, just record your day.  So, we were hired.

I insisted on an Engagement Session for Kristen and David, as I do most of the time honestly.  (Insert broken record sound) It's THE best way for us all to get to know each other.  Engagement Sessions are the best thing you can do to improve your wedding photography, so long as your WEDDING photographer does it for you, not some other photographer.  During the session, it came up that Kristen doesn't like to be the center of attention.  I can appreciate that.  It's not for everyone.  So, she was just going to do a ring exchange with David in front of their closest family.  Okay, I get it, we can work with that.

The Engagement Session was awesome by the way, very natural, and those two work well together.  See the sneak peek in links below!

On to the Wedding Day.  While we drove to Isla, I couldn't help but get excited for the cloud cover.  You see, for ceremonies especially, clouds are wonderful.  They keep everyone from squinting, they keep the lighting nice and even, and prevent splotchy light from the trees that we humans seem so enamored with performing nuptial ceremonies in front of.  In short, I love cloudy days for photography.  Sure, it makes for "flatter" light sometimes, but... if you use it well, it can have plenty of dimension and directionality too.

Oh, I forgot something.  It was cold.  Now, when most people say it's cold, they mean slightly chilly.  You know, like you -might- want a jacket if you're going to be outside for long.  This was not slightly, nor even quite chilly.  This was cold.  Trust me.  I used to shovel snow in Connecticut and Pennsylvania winters with no coat.  I'd still be sweating.  I... was cold.  We were all cold.  However, Kristen and David realized this was their one and only opportunity for these photographs of their wedding to be made, and... they braved the weather.  Not only did they brave it, they were wonderful.  I'm sure I kept apologizing to Derica and Kristen (David too, but he had a suit on!) about the cold... but... as stated, this was a once in a lifetime thing.  Kristen and David will not regret that time, and by now, I'm sure they've warmed up!

Enjoy their sneak peek!

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