Kiandra & Keiron | Ybor City Engagement Session | Tampa Wedding Photographer

Brian and I always push ourselves to be flexible and quick on our feet.  This is an invaluable mindset to have as being a wedding photographer you never really know what might happen next.  Looking for alternatives and fast fixes to small problems paid off big for us with Kiandra and Keiron's engagement session. Kiandra and Keiron picked Ybor City as their engagement session location for some key elements that really spoke to them.  One of those was images created on stairs.  Stairs are a great element to add as a back ground "prop" as they can really focus one's attention on the subject matter through leading lines and rhythmic repetition and the diagonals create a strong dynamic feel to any image.  But enough art talk, stairs look great and Kiandra and Keiron were looking forward to at least one romantic stair image for their grouping.  Alas, the stairs we normally work with that are tucked away in a quiet back alley were occupied.  On to plan B.  There is a GREAT staircase right across the street from where we were, but it is usually busy there, or so we thought.  Reason number three thousand and two as to why we only photograph engagement sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday = WAY smaller crowds.  Gorgeous staircase, delightful light, romantic nooks and crannies and just one or two people to wait on for that perfect shot.  Hurrah for being flexible!  I hope Kiandra and Keiron enjoyed their time with us as much as we did with them.  We know their wedding next year will be spectacular!  Enjoy their sneak peek. ~Derica