Keepin’ it in the Family…..

no exports


No, this isn’t THAT kind of article.


It’s not about “Buying American” either.

Sorry if I got your hopes up.


Recently, I’ve been reading some articles, and blog posts, and some Facebook entries by photographers.  Not that I don’t do that all the time, but I kept seeing something that bothered me.  I always thought I was pretty up-to-speed on the goings on in the Wedding Photography Industry, but…. apparently, I’m not.  I simply always ASSUMED Photographers did their own work.  In many cases, I was mistaken.

One photographer I read about claimed he was “so busy with work”, that he was postponing a workshop he was giving for other photographers.  His reasoning was not really that he had too much work to do, it was that he hadn’t hired a retoucher yet, so he couldn’t keep up with his duties as a photographer.  Yeah…. take a minute to wrap your head around that one.  Let me understand this…. you need to hire someone to do your work for you so you can teach others how to do what you do?  Umm, your logic is faulty.

Another photographer said, and I quote, “I have so many jobs lined up, I need someone to process my images for me.  You know, RAW conversions into Jpegs.”.  Seriously?  That’s a crock.  This person is having someone else interpret their vision.  Yeah, mind reading, gotta love it.  How EXACTLY does that work, anyway?

Yet another photographer was completely oblivious.  They stated they have so many weddings lined up, they can’t SHOOT them all!  They wanted to HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER to SHOOT, PROCESS and RETOUCH the Weddings!  My question is… why did you accept them if you can’t shoot them?

What’s my point?  Simple.  So many people are entering the Photography Industry today, its ridiculous.  They are going after the promise of “easy money”.  Well, I’m here to tell you there’s not really a lot of money, and it’s not easy.  Most Photographers I know do this because they LOVE it, myself included.  Just as in anything, VERY few get “rich”, some make a living, and MOST die out quickly or have other jobs to support themselves.  Given all this information, WHY would a Photographer HIRE OTHERS TO DO THIS FOR THEM?  I mean, if they don’t like what they are doing, they shouldn’t be a Photographer.  If they pay others to do everything for them, they’re NOT a Photographer!  If it’s about making money?  Ehh, good luck with that.  Every time you pay someone else to do something you could do yourself, that’s money you DON’T GET TO KEEP!


So, in summary, check your potential Photographer to see if they’re really an EXPORTER in disguise.


Oh, and for the record, Derica and I:

  • Answer our own phones
  • Build our own website
  • Design our own Marketing Materials (business cards, etc.)
  • Capture our own Photographs
  • Convert and Process our own RAW files
  • Retouch our own images
  • Design our own Albums
  • Answer our own customer questions and concerns
  • NEVER pay another Photographer to do our job for us


Yep, that about sums it up.