Katie and Steve’s Fort DeSoto Engagement

Yet another of our Engagement Giveaway winners!  Katie and Steve, like all the rest so far, were great to work with!  Such a lovely couple, very comfortable together too.  We had some extra time this time and had a bit of an opportunity to chat about their wedding and get to know them a little better.

I want to say something right here... my faith in humanity is somewhat restored!  I know that sounds odd to say, but, hear me out.  As a business owner when you do a contest or give something away for free, there is some amount of trepidation that you will attract people who are only out to take, and get something for nothing.  I mean, this is 2017, that's how it works, right?  Well, I'd done the research, and knew that we'd have a 50/50 chance of boring sessions with people only out for a freebie.

I'm so glad that the results couldn't be more opposite than expectations.  EVERY SINGLE COUPLE has been amazing.  Wonderful, welcoming, warm, cooperative people.  Obviously we had the intent to try to attract some couples to hire us for their wedding with our giveaway, and I doubt anyone is surprised to hear me say that.  We really did want to get some sample images from locations that we either wanted to try or situations we'd not encountered yet, and the truth is... the whole experience has been amazing.

Back to Katie and Steve... so, we started earlier than we should have, and.... the sun was harsh!  So, we worked in some more shaded areas first, letting time pass.  But, when we did make it out to the water, it was beautiful.  There's something about a sunset that is just simply amazing, no matter how many you've seen.

There you have it!  Hope you enjoyed their Sneak Peek!