Jennifer and Cody’s University of Tampa Engagement Session

Broken Record time.

Yes, you need to do an Engagement Session.

Yes, it needs to be with the same photographer who will shoot your wedding.

Yes, you need to.

Yes, even if you had another photographer do a session already, you need to do it again with us.

No, Jennifer and Cody didn't say any of that.  I'm ranting.

Jennifer and Cody were great.  They're fun, easygoing and work well together, even amid my constant banter.  University of Tampa is such a great location for Engagements.  It's got it all, cool architecture, long brick walls with lighting even, winding paths, park benches, trees, a river, stairs (several sets!), a Miami Vice style path of palm trees, a sculpture (which I don't really like) and grassy open fields.  There's even a little bridge!  Yup, it's cool.

Really, do the session.  In all the years I've been telling people to do them, not even one has ever regretted it.  Now... I can't say the same for those that didn't.

Enjoy their Sneak Peek!