Hilary & Dachs’ University of Tampa Engagement Session

So, you're getting married.  Congrats!  Have you considered Engagement Photos?  No?  Let's chat.

I've written articles, made thousands of comments, and even more allusions to why you should have an Engagement Photography Session with your Wedding Photographer.  Still, I think I need to say more, of course!

Why should you care about this?  I mean, you're already engaged, right?

Yeah, you are, but... that's not the point.  It's about connection.  When you see photos like the ones below of Hilary and Dachs, you can see their connection, you just know they are a real couple, and not actors.  First off, I don't do that.  I don't have time to "fake" sessions for the internet, we only show the real deal.

Connection, trust, respect.... leading to... confidence, both in yourself in front of that Photographer's camera and... confidence in your choice of Wedding Photographer and their ability to record your day!

Yup, it's that important.  In all my years of being a Wedding and Engagement Photographer, I've seen a lot, and some of what I've seen could have been helped by... you guessed it!  An Engagement Session.

Here's the honest truth:  If you trust your Wedding Photographer and have faith in their ability due to seeing your Engagement Photos, your Bridal Party, your Family, and your guests will too.  This all adds up to.... BETTER PHOTOS FOR YOU!  It's a win-win.  

Now... after all that, why WOULDN'T you get an Engagement Session from your Wedding Photographer?  Oh, to make it easy, we include them at no charge!  Yup, we really do.

We met Hilary and Dachs for the very first time at their session!  This happens frequently, and it's okay.  People are busy, and we get that.  Within seconds, there was the beginnings of a good working relationship and trust, from both sides.  They have been together for seventeen years, and boy does it show.  They are so comfortable together, so easy in each other's company.  They almost made it too easy for us.  We took a casual stroll around the grounds of The University of Tampa and captured some great moments of these two.

Enjoy their sneak peek!