Hilary & Dachs’ Casa Bella Estate Wedding

So, continuing the 2017 tradition here at Brian C Idocks Photographics, here is yet another wedding venue we had yet to photograph.  From the moment we pulled in, I knew this would be an interesting and beautiful wedding.  

The girls, in typical wedding day fashion, were doing their thing, that is to say, hanging out, doing makeup, and of course, some were running around getting details completed too.  Hilary was calm, and cool, as I knew she would be.  I love seeing brides that are just ready to jump in and say I do, rather than worry and agonize over every little thing that can or might go not exactly as planned.

Here's a secret about weddings:  99% of the things that might not go as planned are unknown to everyone but the Bride, maybe the Groom and a VERY few select other people.  If you don't tell anyone or make a big deal out of it, NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW OR EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.  What might seem a big deal at the time, later on won't even be a blip on the radar most likely.  In other words, like Bobby said, "Don't worry, be happy.".  It's a good motto.

Dachs was also pretty calm.  See, here's the thing, these two are not new to this relationship, this day is 17 years in the making.  They both knew what they were getting into, and, based on what I saw, they were pretty excited to do so too.  The boys, in traditional wedding day fashion, ordered lunch, and sent a couple of them out to get it.  This always turns into a bit of a fiasco I find, but... hey, it's your day, and I don't like to stomp on toes when it comes to people enjoying themselves.

The front lobby/hall of the Estate has the most gorgeous window light I've seen since they closed the Don Vicente in Ybor.  It's rich, directional light against wooden walls and doorways.  Very Old World feeling.  In fact, most of the home feels like they transplanted a European Villa rather than an Estate in Florida.  I wish I could bottle that light and bring it with me to every wedding, it's just that amazing.

The ceremony site is the front porch of the home, though that description doesn't begin to describe it.  A grand set of stairs, columns, and a large stone facade create a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

We had a bit of rain right after the ceremony, and, well, to be honest, that front porch served us well as a location for bridal party photos!  

Then, on to the poolside reception, once things dried out.  There was of course, amazing food, good music, and a LOT of dancing.  did I mention Hilary is originally from Jamaica?  Well, that should explain everything.  Hilary and Dachs were incredible to work with, so cooperative, so kind, and you could tell by the outpouring of admiration from friends and family alike, that that is just how they are.

Wishing Hilary and Dachs and their families all the best!

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