If given the option… take the bridge.

So... yeah.  During Keiron and Kiandra's wedding, the onsite coordinator told us about this "bridge" they have.  Now, a lot of golf courses have interesting spots.  Here's the thing:  There's usually no time to utilize them. How? Well... we get an hour to photograph family, bridal party and the couple.  Yes, all the photos (well 90%) of family, bridal party and our couples being romantic was all done in an hour.  Cocktail hour to be exact, that's what it was created for. No... we don't spend all night dragging you out for photographs, you get to go to your own wedding! Aaaanyway!  The Bridge. No time, usually.  When offered a golf cart to go to some locale, I normally will discuss it with the couple, "We can spend 10 minutes on golf carts out and back, losing 20 minutes or... we can shoot nearby and use that time."  The general consensus is the latter option, let's make the most of the time. So... I expected this to be another one of those.  Well, no, this bridge was about 500 yards away hidden behind a grove of trees.  Cool, 3 minutes each way I can do! So... sometimes, it's good to choose the bridge! 1827300959