Ginger and Sean’s Philippe Park Engagement Session

Sometimes... every once in a while...more often for us than others (or so I hear!), things just fall into place.  I mean with our clients.  We say it a lot, but it's true, we really do have the most amazing clients.  Maybe we're lucky, maybe we're psychic, or maybe we just attract good people.  Dunno.  This is why we don't like to make sweeping changes to things, we're not sure what keeps the amazing people coming, but we don't want to mess that up!

Ginger and Sean, just a great couple.  Lots of fun, great senses of humor, and... Ginger said to Sean when he asked about us (since we met with Ginger previously but Sean couldn't be there), Ginger said, "They're perfect.".  Now, I'm not about to get a big head over a comment like this, but... there's not much more to say, is there?  I mean, she essentially jumped right from, "I think they will do a good job.", to "perfection".  I think we can excuse the slight alteration of the rules of complimentary comments just this one time.  She did say we were perfect, after all.  So, Ginger, as you read this, thank you!  

It's so hard to write about Engagement Sessions, especially when the weather, the people and the location all just fall into place.  Hmm, I think the best I can say is, "It was perfect.".

Enjoy their Sneak Peek!