Gina and Drew’s Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement Session

You see, we too are a little off and misunderstood.  We thrive in diversity and enjoy the unique qualities that each couple share with us.  Brian not only doesn't like having his picture taken, he down right hates it!  So to say we feel your pain is an understatement.  We want you to feel comfortable, not only with us and the process, but perhaps most importantly with yourself.  We want you to be you and to be joyous in your unique you-ness.  I know it sounds silly, but when a client can let their guard down, even for a moment, we can capture some blissfully wonderful moments.  Add your loved one in there and BAM, true gold.  So relax and take a deep breath.  It won't hurt at all.  If you let yourself, you might even like it.  Gina and Drew did.  Enjoy their sneak peek.