Gabriella and Nathan’s Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement Session

I know I go on and on about how great our clients are, and sorry, not sorry, I'm going to do it again.  We'd not met Gabriella and Nathan until the Session, well, sort of.  You see, Nathan was at another wedding we photographed a few years ago.  He wore a Viking Helmet from the Photobooth, and I just happened to get a photo.  Well, that's one way to be remembered, for me, and for him!  A few years later, and here we are, photographing HIS wedding, well soonish we will be.

These two are so easygoing, and so comfortable together.  I say it a lot, but, it takes two to Tango.  The greatest photographer in the world can't do a darn thing if the client refuses or is incapable of cooperating.  Yeah, I said it.  You see, it's a 50/50 partnership kind of thing.  Pretty simple really, if you expect magic from your photographer but can't take direction, have a sourpuss on your face, and in general don't do anything to work WITH the photographer, guess what?  Crappy photos.  Now, that being said, a GOOD photographer should be able to work with just about anyone and get reactions.  I'm constantly explaining to people, "go with it".  I love getting people into a semi-serious situation and making a Dad joke.  Here's the thing, most people are so programmed to "hold still and smile" for photos that I have seen people about to burst a blood vessel in their head for trying not to laugh.  Go with it.  It's for a reason, and I explain this (usually right after they blow a gasket holding in a laugh).  Why do I do all this?  Well, it's about reaction and appearance and naturalness (that's a word, right?).

If I put you over there, and say, "Smile!", and we really just met 5 minutes ago, what is going to happen?  FAKERY.  Yep, big ole fake smiles.  I hate those.  They look awful in photos.  So, we go for reactions, to me, to each other, and to the weird things that I might say or do during sessions.  That's how to build trust with a client and how to get REAL emotions.  This does soooo much for the photography, I can't begin to explain.  It not only improves the Engagement Session, it makes any photos we do from that point forward... better, and more natural.  Why?  Because it's no longer a photographer just clicking away at inanimate people who just stare at the camera like mannequins.  No, now it's a partnership built on trust working toward the same goal.

Too deep for a Wednesday morning?  Ehh, it's the truth.

Oh, Gabriella and Nathan are having a Medieval Themed Wedding.  Too cool.  We're really looking forward to this one!  Enjoy a sneak peek of some of their photos!