We get asked these questions a lot!


Do you offer Videography?

Nope.  I know that sounds abrupt, but, how else do you say it?


I see every photographer out there telling everyone how amazing they are and how they get published all the time.... what gives?

Well... truthfully, every photographer thinks they're the best.  It's a confidence thing.  I get it.  We'd rather you look at our work, talk to us, and decide who's best for you.  I can tell you all day how great we are, but, does that really prove anything?  If you didn't look already... we have tons of awards, we've been published, etc etc.  We've both taught other photographers how to do what we do.  Actually... many of the photographers out there saying how great they are were likely Brian's students at some point.  Oh, Brian and Derica have both been asked to speak for prestigious Local, State, and National Professional Photography organizations too.  See?  I can tell you all day....


Do we get our files?

YES! All of our packages include all your processed photos in high resolution, with NO watermarks!


How many photographers?

TWO! AND ALWAYS THE SAME ONES! Brian and Derica are THE Photographers here, we don’t sell your date and then hire someone to do the job.


What is your style?

Oh boy..... tough question. We don’t have a “named style”, we try really hard to be ourselves and “different”. I like this one though, “Classic Romanticism with a Modern Twist”

Here’s the skinny:

We tell your story.... If you have fun.... it will show. If you’re romantic.... it will show. If you’re cute and all sweet... well, you know.


Do you offer Retouching?

Short answer: Heck yeah!

We process each individual image for color, contrast, exposure, etc, then apply any “look” we think they need (B&W, sepia, Brian’s crazy half color half black and whites).

All album images include our signature retouching services.  You can purchase full retouching on select images from your gallery too, and receive the files to do with as you please.

There are a lot of terms out there for these things. Here’s some simple definitions:

Retouching: The Art of perfecting an image using image manipulation software to change, add, or remove unwanted or distracting elements.

Processing: The act of making an image ready for production. Includes corrective actions such as exposure, contrast, etc.  Many photographers say "retouching" or "Photoshopping" (which makes me cringe) when they really mean  "processing".  Buyer beware!


How much Experience do you have?

Hmmm, I don’t want to brag, but....

A lot.

Like a couple thousand weddings?


Who designs your albums and works on my Photos?

We do! As in this:

Brian and Derica will photograph your wedding or session. Brian Processes your images.  Derica lays out the design of the Album. Derica then retouches your album.  It's a team effort and we keep it all in house.  Heck, we even built our own website 🙂


How many events do you do in one day?

One Day = One Event

Its just not fair to anyone to do more than one wedding or large event in a day. Schedules change, we are flexible. If a bride calls me for us to start an hour earlier or stay an hour later, the last thing I want to say is, “Ooh, sorry, have another shoot to get to.”


What kind of Equipment do you use? Will it be in the way?

We are storytellers, therefore, we travel light. Most of the time you won’t even know Derica is there, she’s our sniper. Brian will be the voice when direction is needed (yeah, he’s loud, in a good way), but for the most part, your story will unfold, and be captured how it happens without interruption.


Who decides what goes in my album?

Well, ultimately you do. Its your album.

We help.

Here’s our system:

You choose your favorite images to go in your album or book as well as a cover photo and, in the case of Albums, a cover STYLE.  Derica designs your album, we retouch the images and add some "special effects", then we order your book or album.  It's that simple.


Can I give you a “Shoot List” of images?

We get this one a lot, and I really think this comes about because of two things: inexperience and bad experiences. For instance, you went to so and so’s wedding and the photographer had no clue what to do. It happens, unfortunately. So for your wedding you try to eliminate that problem. Sounds like a good idea in theory. But... if you hire the right photographer, its a non-issue. We discuss your wedding with you and have all the details on who is in family photos and any events that are going on during your wedding. If there are special requests, by all means, tell us. But... if we have to go through a checklist of photos for things that we would shoot anyway, we’re likely missing out on the action in front of us while we check it off the list.

Please, please don't send us dozens of "Inspiration" photos from Pinterest.  You hire us because of what we do, and the emotions we can evoke, if we have to reproduce those photos, all that is lost.

We do this all the time. We’re pretty good at it by now.


How many photos will I get?

Well, for starters, we don’t limit your photos.

Some wedding photographers will tell you you get 200, or 300 photos. Let me ask you a question: Lets say the photographer has taken 199 photos. You are about to make your grand exit, but then Grandma gets out on the dance floor for the first time all night. Which photo do you want? With us.... you’ll have a few of both events!

In general though, about 30 to 50 images for each hour in your wedding package.  Engagements and other sessions are above and beyond this number.


Do you have Backup Equipment and what happens if you’re sick?

We don’t get sick.

Seriously though, we belong to many professional organizations and can have a qualified professional photographer cover your day with just a phonecall. That's part of why we are members of these groups. But we make every effort to do it ourselves. Brian actually photographed a wedding with a broken hand once. He winced every time he had to shake someone’s hand, yeah it was the right one. He went to a doctor the next day. The bride and her family found out weeks later, on the day of the wedding, he wouldn’t say a word. We’re all about the dedication here.

And.... lets say I didn’t close the top of my camera bag. Upon pulling it out of the car, my camera falls out and hits the ground, smashing into a million pieces.

I’m going to cry.

THEN, pick up the backup and go to work, you won't even have to know anything broke.


Ok, I've been looking around at Wedding Photographers, how come you are so.... inexpensive?

Hmm, another tough question.  Well, for starters, we keep our overhead very low by working from our home.  We're also really experienced at Photographing and processing Wedding Images, so, that efficiency keeps cost down as well.  Essentially, we're photographers.  We love doing what we do and feel that more people should get to experience what Professional Photography has to offer.  The more customers we get to work with, the more the word spreads about us, the more customers we get to work with, the more..... you get the idea.

The real question you should ask is why other photographers are so... expensive?


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