Evie & Axel’s Nativity Catholic Church and The Barn at Winthrop Wedding

It's Florida, people.  It rains here.  Well not until May this year, but you get the idea.  However... why did it have to rain right as we were about to go outside for portraits?  I mean... come on.. rain later, when everyone is inside. Evie and Axel hired us with about 6 weeks to go before the wedding, and try as we all could, getting an Engagement Session in just didn't work out.  It happens. Still, communication is key.  We spoke with them about what they wanted, what they like and... I think it all went pretty well.  A new church and a new venue for us, but, that didn't matter, we scoped out the locations and found all the best spots.  Then it rained and we moved on to Plan B.  Stay dry. It's pretty amazing what the camera can take in, and what the photographer can intend to leave out.  In so many photos there are distracting elements just out of frame, or far in the background.  It's up to us to either highlight elements in a photograph, or de-emphasize them.  We have a lot of tools to do this, and to me, that's the "magic" of photography, if there is any magic to it really. Axel and Evie were great to work with, just like most of our clients.  Good communication ahead of time saves headaches on the Wedding Day.  Oh, and when the couple really cares for each other... hrm, maybe that's the magic of Wedding Photography after all? Nativity Catholic Church: nativitycatholicchurch.org/ The Barn at Winthrop Special Events Hall: www.winthropbarntheatre.com/ Amanda Bowers Event Designer: amandaweddingcreations.shutterfly.com/