Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography is one of my favorite things.  We take a couple to an amazing location, like maybe the beach, or…. the back alleys of Ybor City.  We create cool, unique and romantic, sometimes even sexy images for them.  Normally, this is the first time a couple works with us, so we are all using engagement photograpy to get to know each other.  This makes the Wedding Day that much easier, since we’re all “old friends” by that point.

Some couples try to save a little money by not having Engagement Pictures done.  I highly recommend against this.  First, you’re not saving an money in reality, at least with our packages, since we give you the Engagement Session for free.  Second, you are not likely to ever have engagement photography, or photography of this style of the two of you EVER again.  Everyone says they will, but few actually do.  Take advantage of it while you can.


Some Engagement Photography tips:

  • Make it special.  Don’t show up in jeans and T-shirts.  Maybe instead choose a theme?  Here’s a couple of ideas:  For the beach…. imagine you just had dinner at a seaside restaurant on an exotic tropical island.  He might be wearing a loose fitting shirt and light colored pants, maybe even sandals.  She might wear some type of sundress, flowy, but not too transparent (that’s bad when they get wet, trust me).  Maybe you prefer the urban look?  What about him in a suit and her in a dress, as if you were both about to spend a night on the town?  When you put a little effort into the feel of your engagement session, the results are amazing.
  • Plan your session along with your Engagement Photographer with plenty of time before the wedding.  Think about things like sign-in books, save the dates, and signing boards.  Our Engagement Sessions provide you with the files so you can get these things made for you, or… you can order them from us and our reprint prices start at just $1.99!
  • Expect the unexpected.  We are NOT JC Penney or Sears.  We DO NOT do the cheesy, corny posing from the 1950’s that a lot of “traditional” portrait studios do.  Our style is fun, romantic, dramatic, sexy and exciting.  We want you to LOVE your engagement photos!  If you go into the Engagement Session with an open mind and expect to have fun, you will, and the photos will show it.
  • “But we’re already engaged, why do we need Engagement Pictures?”.  Duh, of course you’re engaged, that’s why you’re talking to WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS!  Seriously though, it’s a chance for all of us to work together, to find out what you like and don’t like about yourself in photos, and for you to get a feel for your photographer.


Interested in having us photograph your Engagement Pictures?  Do you already have a Wedding Photographer and they’re not providing you with an Engagement Session?  We can help.  Feel free to have a look around our website, then CLICK HERE for availability and full pricing information.