Fort DeSoto Engagement Session – Emily and Jeff

Fort Desoto Engagement Sessions are just... well they're so Tampa Bay.Here we are with yet another of our Engagement Giveaway Winners... Emily and Jeff!

So, here's the story with this location... for years, EVERYONE has been telling me to shoot a Fort DeSoto Engagement Session.  Now, I'm all for it, but... in case you didn't know, it's freaking huge.  There's just no way to cover it all.  So, Derica and I went scouting and we found some little nooks and areas that we liked.  Then... they clearcut those areas of all brush and foliage, and some are under water now.  So...

Yeah, we went back out again, and tried to find something interesting that had a lot of places to shoot.  We spend a few hours wandering around the Fort itself, the beach nearby, and the general surrounds in that particular area of the Park.  We liked it well enough, and had plenty to work from, but... with no samples, it was a tough sell and I wasn't 100% sold on it, truth be told.  I know that sounds bad, but... bear with me!

Then Derica and I show up and apparently it was low tide on our last visit, because about 75% of the places we wanted to shoot were underwater.  I was pretty convinced I only needed some walls and a field, so I had little to worry about.

And so it went, from walls and benches, to random people asking me to take THEIR photos (I kid you not), to sunsets and waves, it was pretty awesome.  I think it's time I add it to our list!  Emily and Jeff were so great to work with.  At the end, Emily's suggestion was something with her stethoscope (she's a nurse) and Jeff's helmet and fire jacket (he's a firefighter).  Those aren't things that normally go together but... hey, drop the tailgate on your pickup and let's get something fun, right?

Hope you enjoyed their Sneak Peek Fort DeSoto Engagement Session!