Don’t Skip the Engagement….. session.

We hear this all the time.  “But I don’t need an engagement session, we’re already engaged.”  Huh?  I don’t think they got the gist of what an Engagement Session is, or what it’s for.


First, of course you’re engaged already, otherwise you wouldn’t be hiring a photographer for your wedding  Smile.

Second, we HIGHLY recommend doing the engagement session, so much so, that we include COMPLIMENTARY (aka FREE) Engagement Sessions in MOST of our Wedding Packages!  Why would we give this away when we could charge $$$ for it?  Well, we don’t exactly give them away, you do have to hire us for at least 6 hours for a wedding first.  Anyway, why would we NOT charge for an Engagement Session?

Simple.  It helps us nearly as much as it benefits you.

Say what?

Yeah, it does.


You see, many times, a consultation consists of the bride alone, or her and her Mom, though we have seen more and more grooms showing up for them.  Our style of photography DEPENDS on knowing the couple.  During the engagement session, we’re all talking joking, getting to know each other, and during that time, you get some pretty cool photos too.  This way, on the wedding day, we’re old friends.  It helps US to know what works best as far as photographing YOU, but it also helps YOU to know what you can expect from US.  See?  It’s that important.

Though we have a reputation (good, I hope) for creating very sexy, romantic engagement sessions, we can also tame it down a bit if that’s what you prefer.  Not a problem.  Engagement Sessions (I really hate the term “e-session”, sounds like a digital era weird over-the-internet sort of photo session to me) are meant to be YOURS, to your comfort level.  That said, we will always suggest where to do the session.  We want them to be comfy, but we want them to be beautiful too!


So, before you go thinking you don’t need an Engagement Session with your photography package, think about how much better your Wedding Photography will be if you and your photographer are on the same page… BEFORE the wedding!  And, lets not forget all the cool photographs you WON’T be getting if you skip the Engagement!


Thanks for listening!