Davi & Stephen’s Rusty Pelican Wedding

We've had a lot of referrals lately, and frankly, I love that.  There is simply no higher compliment than to be referred to a friend or family member after using a company's services.  Davi and Stephen were also a referral... but, get this:  Davi is the THIRD bride from the same family!  Last year we had her cousin Tara, and ohhh, 7 years ago we photographed her other cousin Amanda's wedding!

It's so awesome to me to see Grandma come down the aisle, notice me crouched down with my camera and get excited to see me!  It was great walking around and seeing familiar faces.  It makes what we do feel so much more important to me.

Davi and Stephen also did something I've never seen.  We're all familiar with Sand Ceremonies, right?  Where the couple pours two types of sand together to make something that can never be separated?  Well, how about a craft beer ceremony?  I kid you not.  That's what they did.  Now, if only it were whiskey... they could blend them together and ... hrm... sorry, sidetracked!

Another aspect of Weddings, one no one wants to talk about is... what happens when things go wrong?  Well... here's what most do... they panic.  Wrong answer!  It's your wedding, short of something catastrophic keeping you from saying "I will.", nothing should upset anyone that much.

So, what went wrong?

Electricity is an important thing... when it goes out in Florida in July, it gets warm inside, really fast.  Well, we had a blackout, a large one too from what I heard.  Supposedly power was expected back on by 10 PM, only an hour before the reception was to end and a good two hours after the sun goes down.  Yep, that's a problem.

The ceremony was lovely actually, the windowlight illuminated everything perfectly.  Of course, photos are done outside, and well, just as Davi's Father was about to make the call about continuing... the lights, AC, and everything else suddenly came back on!  Partying ensued, and the wedding went on as planned.

A great couple and a great story I think!

Here's a sneak peek of some of their photos:

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