Danielle and Joseph’s Black Diamond Ranch Wedding

Yet another in our latest series of "Wedding Venues We've Never Photographed at Before", comes Danielle and Joey's Black Diamond Ranch Wedding.  I decided to put some photos here first, since... you will want to see this.

And so, Danielle and Joey got married with a view of a large hole in the ground behind them.  Makes it sound pretty boring right?  That's why I showed the photos first, see?  That hole is a mine, or was, surrounded by a golf course now.  I have to admit, it didn't feel like Florida at all.  It's such a unique place for photography, that it defies explanation and must simply be experienced.  The rolling hills, backlit by the setting sun, the water, the precipice (yup, big word time), it all added up to some amazing scenery.  

Then, on to the reception, lots of dancing, lots of people just enjoying themselves.  It was how a wedding should be.  Danielle and Joey spent the night surrounded by friends and family, and you can see how much these two are loved.  Makes me feel good about what we do... recording all those tiny fleeting moments for generations to come to get to relive over and over.

We always try to do something special at the end of the night.  Sometimes it's a Sparkler Sendoff, sometimes it's Bubbles, (let's not talk about the Flying Lanterns, since... they're like totally illegal in Florida!), sometimes its just people tossing random grains at you (birds can totally eat rice without blowing up BTW, it's part of their normal diet, myth exposed!).  Sometimes, it's just us taking the couple outside, in the dark, to play with some lighting and different looks.  Danielle and Joey were good sports!  That B&W image second to last was a 4 second exposure.  Can you stand still kissing someone for 4 seconds without moving?  Well, they can. 

Hope you enjoyed their Sneak Peek!  Here's some links to see the amazing businesses we had the pleasure of working with for Danielle and Joey's Wedding.


Danielle and Joseph's Engagement Session: www.briancidocks.com/danielle-joseph-engagement-session-sawgrass-lake-park/

Black Diamond Ranch: www.blackdiamondranch.com/

Destiny and Light Hair and Makeup Group: www.destinyandlight.com/

Eve's Florist: www.evesflorist.com/

A Night to Remember Limousines: www.anighttorememberlimo.com/

Grant Hemond and Associates: granthemond.com/