Crystal and Mike’s Engagement Session | University of Tampa | Tampa Wedding Photographer

Yes, if you have read any of our engagement write ups on our blog or our website pages on Engagement Photography:, Engagement Sessions, FAQ:, and Couples Portrait Photography: then you already know how important to us Engagement Sessions are. Sure you get great images, sure you get a better understanding of how Brian and I work, but the real point of the matter, the basis of how we do EVERYTHING here at Brian C Idocks Photographics, is happiness. Sounds overly simplified, doesn’t it? Well it is simple. People who are happy are easier to photograph. We are photographers. So there you go. All of our systems that we have put into place are goal orientated to make our clients happy. We desire ease of communication, truthful representation and plenty of choices to fit the individual needs of our clients. All these things, the way we brand, even the wording on our website is to make people comfortable and happy. Weddings, after all, should be a time of great joy. If your wedding photographer adds to that feeling then all the better, right? After working with Crystal and Mike and viewing their images, I think we are well on the way toward that goal. We are looking forward to adding more to their happiness at their Carrollwood Country Club wedding in January. ~Derica