Christine and Michael’s Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement Session

I'd spoken with Christine on the phone, we've played email tag a few times, but we hadn't yet met until the session.  That's not unusual as people have these annoying time-suck things known as... jobs.  It's amazing what an inconvenience they are when it comes to finding the right time and the right day for your photographs.  Yet another reason the Engagement Session is so important.  I really don't like walking into the Bridal Ready Room and having to ask, "So... which of you is the bride?".  It's awkward, it's impersonal, and... ehh, it's not how I like to "be" with my clients.  We should be friends, or at least recognize each other, by the wedding day.

One thing we take note of during Engagement Sessions is not only how our couples react to each other, but how they react to the camera.  Let's be honest, most of you don't like having your picture taken.  Then again, based on the proliferation of "the selfie", maybe that should be amended to "Most of you don't like having your photograph taken by a professional.".  Maybe, not sure on that.

Christine and Michael are very comfortable with each other, and that tells us they've been together a while (which they have, I asked!).  That simple fact makes setting up positions for them really easy.  They also (mostly) knew their rights from their lefts, which is also helpful.  I joke, but, you'd be surprised how many people get so flustered because they self-imposed all these ideas on themselves that they actually forget their left from their right.  We didn't really have that problem.  Know what this tells me?  Comfort level was established.  Mhm, Christine and Mike were pretty easy to get along with and I think all four of us hit it off pretty well right away.  This is good!  It means they chose their Wedding Photographer wisely!

All joking and tongue-in-cheek aside, we really enjoyed working with Christine and Mike for their Engagement Session and look forward to their wedding in February!