So, you probably arrived at this page either via Google, or maybe a link on Facebook.  First, we're glad you're here!  If you are looking at Wedding Photographers, I don't need to tell you what a complicated thing it can be.  We wrote a bit about us, and what makes us different to help you out.


Feel free to stop reading all of this at any time and take a look through our Blog, Galleries or check our Pricing and Packages and see if we have your date available.


But, if you're still reading, let me tell you why we're different, what we offer, and why you should consider choosing us for your Wedding Photographer.

We're a team, it's just myself (I'm Brian) and Derica.  We're a husband and wife team, and we were both photographers before we even met.  Derica has a Master's in Photography from RIT and me... well, I've been doing weddings for a long, long time.  I learned the "old fashioned" way.  I mentored under a Master.  Yup, for real.

Why is it important to tell you it's just us?  Well, you should know your photographer, and I don't mean just their name.  Connections are key.  The better we all know each other, the better we can tell your story.  You did know it's all about the story, right?  That's why we give Engagement Sessions for free with any weekend Wedding.  I'd like to charge more for people who -don't- want them, but... yeah, that would never fly.

A lot of local companies have several photographers and even "levels" of photographers.  Now, there's nothing wrong with that per se, I just want to point out we have one level.  Only our best.  When you check into other photographers, make sure you know what you're hiring, or who.

Being that it's just the two of us, we work really well together.  I mean... really well.  We don't just record your day either, we're there to give advice long before the wedding, offer suggestions, help with your dress (yup, I can lace up that corset for ya), keep the peace, help direct people... we do a lot.  Why?  Glad you asked.  If you and your guests are happy and enjoying themselves, we can take wonderful photos for you.  If you and your guests are miserable, we can't get a good shot of anything.  I exaggerate... a little.

What I'm getting at is the personal touch.  We take pride in our work, and we genuinely love weddings.  It's not unusual for us to become friends with our clients after the wedding either.  Like attracts like, so they say.  We're goofy and nerdy, I make horrible jokes, and Derica will sing "Itsy bitsy spider" to get the kids to play along, and sometimes the adults.  We interact with you and your guests, we're not just that strange couple hiding in the shadows with cameras.  Hell no.  Great stories come from interaction.


Everyone and their brother has a camera these days, and even more seem to be selling themselves as Wedding Photographers.  Well, this is our full time job, it's what we do, it's how we support ourselves, and we take it pretty damn seriously.  As a result, we have all the registrations, paperwork, and insurance needed to do it legally.  We also devote ourselves to the cause.  Anyone can take a snapshot, but only a true photographer can create art.  That's our goal, your wedding, as art.  Sappy?  Maybe.  True?  Definitely.

What else makes us different?  Well, I can wax poetic all day about awards (we have literally hundreds, I want to wallpaper our office with just the ribbons we've won alone), or industry titles (yeah, we have a bunch of those too), our amazing reviews by awesome couples (see them on WeddingWire), or the simple fact that we want to work with you and get to know you.


Not once, but TWICE!

No matter what I write though, there's nothing quite like a consultation to really get to know us.  I urge you, if you're interested in our services to schedule either an in-person meeting with us, or... if you aren't in the area, at least a phone consultation.  We want to know you, as much as you need to know us.


That's about all I have to say for now, but please, take a look around our website, see our work, check out our reviews.  Maybe we can make some great stories together.


Brian C Idocks


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