Chelsea and Anthony’s Rafter J Ranch Wedding

I've said it before, I'll say it again, "I am constantly amazed at how many venues we have in our area that I haven't seen.".  Rafter J is another that I'd never been to before Chelsea and Anthony's wedding.  I gotta say, I like it!  Cute ceremony area under a big tree.  There's a small creek behind that and a little bridge, it's a barn, with awesome doors, and... well, I have to admit, I have never photographed a couple saying, "I do.", to a background of cows grazing before.

As a Professional Wedding Photographer, I can't help but notice trends and the trend for Barn Weddings is a biggie.  The last few years we've seen new barns pop up all over just to accomodate weddings.  Wait... "new barn", that sounds wrong.... they need to be old barns, retrofitted, or... something to be cool for weddings... right?  Dunno.  Anyway, there's something about old wood, leather boots, white dresses, grass, wooden bridges and trees that come together wonderfully for me as a photographer to create images.  Maybe it's my Northeast Pennsylvania upbringing, or the fact that my best childhood memories are of my Grandparent's Cottage, in the woods, the smells of a woodburning stove and nature all around.  I digress.

Chelsea and Anthony are probably in my top ten for easiest to work with brides and grooms ever.  I kid you not.  So nice, so polite, so easygoing.  When it came time to create photos, they were all in, and I'm pretty sure if I asked for handstands, they'd have at least tried!  Their day was filled with lots of family, friends and hugs, just as it should be.  

Oh, and there was barbecue.  And it was awesome.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the photos from their day:

Chelsea & Anthony's Engagement Session:

Rafter J Ranch:

King's Wholesale Florist:

Gold Rush BBQ:

The Perfect Dress: