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Stark Manor Wedding – Alia and Zaid

A beautiful day at a beautiful location, that is how Alia and Zaid’s wedding started.  As Brian and I pulled up to the grounds of Stark Manor we knew that this was going to be […]

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Sandkey Park Engagement Session – Alia and Zaid

We love photographing playful people.  It gives the photography session so much life and spontaneity.  To say that Alia is playful might be an understatement. After we warmed them up a bit with some more […]

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Philippe Park Engagement Session – Nancy and Dave

I believe in instant attraction, or love at first sight.  There are some relationships that simply ignite.  They have chemistry, soul, or whatever name you wish to call that magic that instantly happens.  It is […]

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Sawgrass Lake Park Romance Session – Stephanie and Mark

Sometimes life gets in the way of best made plans.  We get this, perhaps more than we wish.  So, even though we really stress engagement sessions to occur before the wedding day we offer other […]

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TradeWinds Island Grand Resort Wedding – Stephanie & Mark

So, you are one of the main speakers for a convention, why not get married too?  Yep.  It is in my experience that even if you don’t plan to have major life events happen at […]

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Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at Sawgrass Lake Park – Abigail and Deondre

Sometimes you just can’t wait.  I completely understand that. There have been many a time when I was looking forward to something so much that I could hardly bare it.  So, as Abigail and Deondre […]

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Beso Del Sol Wedding – Alyssa and Chino

What do you get when you combine dramatic skies with a bride and groom who aren’t afraid to get a little sexy?  Really happy wedding photographers and some absolutely awesome photography! This was our first […]

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Downtown St Pete – Alyssa and Chino

Downtown St Pete murals, a sexy couple and  no rain equals a fun and dynamic engagement session.  This is what we got with Alyssa and Chino’s Downtown St Pete portraits. I know I have said […]

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Romantic Beach Couple Pictures – Victoria and James

The Sunset, crashing waves, an empty beach, what more can one ask for when it comes to a romantic scene?  Perhaps a gorgeous couple?  Well Victoria and James certainly were that.  There romantic beach couple […]

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