Casa Lantana Bridal Shoot with Jennifer

We love photographing at Casa Lantana.  Beautiful architecture, thoughtful and classic furnishings, a vast lawn, a private forest, fountains and a large swing.  It has so much character that it is a perfect beginning to create your own look and feel for an event.

casa lantanaWe started out the session with greeting Jennifer as April from Classy Styles was already busy with a beautiful look for her hair.  It was styled soft and flowing with a touch of detail that worked perfectly with Jennifer's dress.  It is such a joy to work with other vendors who are communicative and care just as much as we do on making our client's day perfect.  Giselle gave us full run of the grounds as we have a wonderful relationship.  She knows that we respect her and her propriety and she respects us as well.  I might be repeating myself here, but it truly makes a huge difference for us to work with other professionals that we can talk with and share a common goal.  When egos and personal interests can be put aside then we are able to work together to make our client's dream a reality.

Jennifer makes for a wonderful subject.  She has a classic look and her eyes are that magical shade of blue.  She fell into poses easily and was eager to work with us in creating some wonderful images.  The location, the hair styling, Jennifer and the feel of the day all came together beautifully.  Brian and I are thankful to all who made this magical bridal session a reality.  Enjoy Jennifer's Casa Lantana Bridal Shoot.


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