Caroline and Juli: Ybor after Dark

This is long overdue, but Holidays are a thing, and so is shooting weddings on the other side of the state... but... I digress.

This is the last couple in our Engagement Session Giveaway!  Caroline and Juli were amazing.  Loved the outfits, and, they just worked so well together.  I hear they are considering us for their wedding too...

They chose Ybor after Dark, which, in my opinion is just about the coolest spot and time for a shoot.  Lots of shadows, lots of lines, curves, and it just makes a great backdrop for an Engagement Session.  We did have to fight the cars at one point, they seem to think they own the road or something, but we managed.

Anyway, we really enjoyed all our Engagement Session Giveaway Sessions and had a great time with Caroline and Juli.

Enjoy the sneak peek of some of their images!