Kapok Wedding – Capri and Logan – Kapok Special Events

The Kapok Wedding at Kapok Special Events Center is such a unique experience.  The Old World Styling, the fountains, really the entire place makes for a great backdrop.

From the moment we walked through the front doors of the Kapok for Capri and Logan's Wedding, we felt a rush of happiness, positivity and in general... precisely what a wedding day should feel like.  The girls were all upstairs in the Bridal Suite, finishing up with hair and makeup (they were early, way to go Destiny Hair and Light!), and everyone was... happy.  Now, I know you're all thinking, "Who isn't happy on a wedding day?".  Well, you'd be surprised.  A lot of people are freaking out over tiny, insignificant details when they should be smiling and looking forward to a great day.  Others are so worried about everything being so perfect, they forget they spent the last year hiring the RIGHT vendors to handle all of that.

Here's some truth:  Your vendors very likely know more about how your wedding will go than you do.  Trust them!

Capri was calm.  Capri was confident in her vendors.  Capri relaxed and let us all do our job.  This, my friends, is how to enjoy your wedding day!

The guys showed up, a wee bit later than expected, but... ehh, not anything to worry about.  Speaking of worry, I tell many, if not all of my clients on their wedding day, "When I look nervous, you can get nervous!".  It's silly, and probably dull, but, I get a smile and a laugh sometimes.  My point is that if the guy who's done this thousands of times isn't worried, you shouldn't be either.  If he is?  Well... in the words of the Mythbusters, "There's yer problem!".  Really though... I don't get nervous, and if I did, I wouldn't show it.  Derica and I have seen enough to handle pretty much anything thrown at us, from natural disasters, to blackouts, vendors not showing up, cakes falling, injuries (ourselves and attendees), technical problems, camera malfunctions.  You name it, we've seen it, and still delivered!

One thing we had with Capri and Logan's Wedding that is unusual was time.  Because everyone was ready on time, we were able to "play" a bit more than usual.  The Kapok has this gorgeous staircase, and I love photographing brides on it.  Capri was no exception.  Her vintagey style and look went a long way to the mood I gave the images.  Shot after shot was a keeper, and it was a lot of fun creating something unique for her!

We also photographed the bridal party ahead of the ceremony, now, this only works if you are doing a First Look.  It's not for everyone, but, talk to us and see if it's a good idea for your wedding.  Sometimes it just makes things complicated, sometimes, like for Capri's Wedding, it streamlined the day.

The ceremony went without a hitch, we created more photographs out by the fountains, people drank, danced and had a great time.  Isn't that how all Wedding Stories should be?

Enjoy their sneak peek!

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