Candace & Ryan’s Safety Harbor Resort and Spa Wedding

I have fond memories of The Safety Harbor Spa and Resort.  It was one of the first places I photographed a wedding at when I came to Florida... fifteen or so years ago.  It's a great place, and a lot has changed there.  One thing that hasn't changed is their professionalism.  Maria, their in house coordinator takes it seriously, and, if she says jump... well, most know what to do.  Their kitchen and waitstaff are great, and the food is always good.  That's how a wedding venue should be.  Between that, and having a reputable DJ, and hopefully a photographer who knows a thing or two, the Bride and Groom should never worry about a thing on the day of their wedding, relaxed in the knowledge they hired good people, and can just enjoy themselves! Candace and Ryan are very sweet people, and so easy to work with.  I like to think we attract only the best Brides and Grooms, some sort of magic or whatever, but... in almost every case?  It's true.  Their families and friends were so welcoming and fun.  Candace's Mom was her Matron of Honor, I mean... that says something about closeness, right? All in all, it was a beautiful day, made very comfortable by a ceremony in the beautiful Athena Room, followed by some photos out by the Fountain, then back inside to what is possibly the most unique and certainly of of the most beautiful venues in Tampa Bay, the Four Springs Ballroom.  That domed ceiling is simply amazing and adds such an air of elegance and a bygone era to any event. Anyway!  Here's their Sneak Peek! Candace & Ryan's Engagement Session: Safety Harbor Resort and Spa: Bride's Bouquet: Corey's Bakery: Strings Attached: Grant Hemond and Associates: