Hilary & Dachs’ Casa Bella Estate Wedding

So, continuing the 2017 tradition here at Brian C Idocks Photographics, here is yet another wedding venue we had yet to photograph.  From the moment we pulled in, I knew this would be an interesting […]

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Thalia and Thiago, Ybor City at Night

So we did a thing here at BCIPHOTO (like the acronym?).  We held a little contest because we wanted to try something different.  Different?  How?   Well, for one, I wanted to try shooting in the […]

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Stephanie and Patrick’s Crystal Ballroom Wedding, Clearwater, FL

When the weather cooperates, time is on our side, the landscape is lush and flowing, the moon is in just the right spot to align with the planets, the stars in the Milky Way are […]

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Maria & Jeff’s Sand Key Engagement Session and Gulf Harbors Yacht Club Wedding

Yes, you read that right, Engagement and Wedding all in one post.  You see, we were supposed to do Maria and Jeff’s Engagement Session a couple of weeks before the wedding, but, there was an […]

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Danielle and Joseph’s Black Diamond Ranch Wedding

Yet another in our latest series of “Wedding Venues We’ve Never Photographed at Before”, comes Danielle and Joey’s Black Diamond Ranch Wedding.  I decided to put some photos here first, since… you will want to […]

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Amanda & Randy’s Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast Wedding

When I was in school, I hated history.  Maybe it was Mister Patrick, not sure, but History as a subject was always bottom of the pack for me.  As I’ve gotten a bit older, and […]

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Chelsea and Anthony’s Rafter J Ranch Wedding

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, “I am constantly amazed at how many venues we have in our area that I haven’t seen.”.  Rafter J is another that I’d never been to before […]

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Taylor and Michael’s Baker’s Ranch Wedding

It’s a great thing to me that even after being in this industry this long,  working as a Wedding Photographer in the Tampa Bay Area for well over a decade that I still find places […]

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The Best Man

So, I read somewhere a long time ago that the Best Man at a wedding was there to protect the groom.  That part I had right.  I seem to recall a second part to it […]

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The Things We Could Do.

It’s Saturday Morning, bit muggy out, especially after the weather the past few days.  I’m having my coffee (It’s nearly 10 AM, don’t judge me) as I just woke up.  Long day yesterday.  We photographed […]

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