Danielle and Ari’s Postcard Inn Wedding

I honestly don’t know where to start.  I know Brian is better known as the talker between the two of us, but I manage to get a word or two in there when the opportunity […]

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Matt and Sammy Jo’s Sunset Beach Engagement Session

Here’s the scene:  It was our second… wait, no… third?  Winter here in Florida this year.  Temperatures were creeping southward of 40 degrees.  For those of you up North… that’s pretty cold here.  Sure, you […]

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Lowry Park Zoo Wedding – Christine and Mike

Something a little different, the Lowry Park Zoo Wedding of Christine and Mike.  Giraffes, snakes, and big cats… oh my!You heard it right, a wedding at the Zoo!  I have to admit I was a […]

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Gabriella and Nathan’s Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement Session

I know I go on and on about how great our clients are, and sorry, not sorry, I’m going to do it again.  We’d not met Gabriella and Nathan until the Session, well, sort of.  […]

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Andrea & David’s St. Raphael Catholic Church and Morean Center for Clay Wedding

Andrea and David’s St. Petersburg Wedding was truly one of a kind.  They managed to have an elegant event with posh and timely details that retained the feeling of an intimate gathering of family and […]

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La Casa of Mason Creek Wedding – Wendy and Jason

La Casa of Mason Creek Wedding of Wendy and Jason One of the benefits of our job is visiting all these wonderful and unique venues that we would not normally have the opportunity to do […]

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Ashley & Tyler’s Sand Key Park Engagement Session

Perspective, it’s a thing.  Being a Florida native I find myself often trapped inside our little bubble of what is normal.  Easy access to beautiful beaches?  Normal.  Lush green tropical landscapes?  Normal. Weather that would […]

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Duval Ballroom Wedding – Alex and Tim

The Duval Ballroom Wedding of Alex and Tim. Weddings are a balancing act.  Balancing friends, family, food, vendors, time, weather, other’s expectations, your own ideas, your fiance’s…. all the while trying to enjoy your day […]

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Ginger and Sean’s Philippe Park Engagement Session

Sometimes… every once in a while…more often for us than others (or so I hear!), things just fall into place.  I mean with our clients.  We say it a lot, but it’s true, we really […]

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