Beso Del Sol Wedding – Alyssa and Chino

beso del sol weddingWhat do you get when you combine dramatic skies with a bride and groom who aren't afraid to get a little sexy?  Really happy wedding photographers and some absolutely awesome photography!

This was our first time photographing at Beso Del Sol.  We always strive to be respectful to all our fellow vendors as we know that it takes a village to make a wedding go off perfectly.  So as we circumnavigated the U shaped parking lot we picked an unmarked parking space far away from all the hustle and bustle so as not to take up one of the prime spots for guests.  We then made a bee-line to the parking attendant to make sure all was good.  I don't think we have ever met such a nice, friendly and helpful parking attendant.  He suggested that we move our car close to his station so that he could keep an eye on things.  We happily obliged and then received more information from him that helped us know the layout of Beso Del Sol without hunting and pecking.  It was a wonderful welcome and one that set the mood for what was to come.

After checking out the reception site and the ceremony site we made our way to Alyssa's room.  We had already met Alyssa before so we were happily familiar, but it was our first introductions to the rest of her family.  We hit it off right away and knew that Alyssa's vivacious personality came honestly.  These are our kind of people as Brian would say.  We made sure to capture all the hustle and bustle of the getting ready process and Alyssa's gorgeous and unique details then we gave them some space and found Chino and his groomsmen.  Here we again captured details as well as some casual portraits because we believe that grooms deserve equal attention.  Then it was back to the ladies for some finishing touches and off to the ceremony.

A dockside ceremony offers a unique perspective.  As it was limited in space, Brian joined in the fun and I captured a bird's eye view from the reception site.  Formal portraits followed and then it was time for the party to begin.  So many wonderful details and we made sure to capture them all!  Jason Tally of Grant Hemond did a fantastic job as always with announcements and party enhancing music.  Delectables Catering offered mouth watering treats to keep the guests happy.  It was a great night for a wonderful couple and we are so happy that we got to play a part in it.  Enjoy their Beso Del Sol Wedding sneak peek!