Ashley & Tyler’s Sand Key Park Engagement Session

Perspective, it's a thing.  Being a Florida native I find myself often trapped inside our little bubble of what is normal.  Easy access to beautiful beaches?  Normal.  Lush green tropical landscapes?  Normal. Weather that would make most living elsewhere envious?  Normal.  I find myself thinking, "Oh is this cold!"  While other places are covered in snow and have been for many many months.  At the beach I wear boots because of the sand, sand spurs and fire ants, while out of town guests rush to remove their shoes just to enjoy the sensation of sand between their toes.  As a professional photographer I am also pleased to the point of being giddy to see a cloud filled sky, while our clients might look upward with disappointment.  But all these differences of opinion and outlook are a matter of perspective.

Ashley and Tyler are from Indiana, so the beach experience is a luxury for them.  One they wished to capture in their engagement photos as well as their up coming wedding photography.  We talked about their expectations, took mental notes from their clothing choices and spoke of logistics of the who, what, when and where's of their wedding to come in June.  All these things aided us in determining what is most important to them so we may be able to serve them the best way possible.  Now we can share a perspective as we move forth.

The beaches of Clearwater set a peaceful and tranquil backdrop for the soft beachy blues that Ashley and Tyler wore for their engagement session.  Ashley was fresh from her hair and makeup trial so everything was styled and in place, with the wind softening the little tendrils of hair about her face.  We had a wonderful time photographing Ashley and Tyler and look forward to sharing their wedding day with them.  Enjoy their sneak peek!