The Art of the Pose, and Responsibility

At a recent wedding, when it was time to cut the cake, the Wedding Coordinator came over to the cake station and said, "So where do you want them to stand?".  I looked at her dumbfounded.  Why on earth was she asking me this?  She then explained that most photographers don't set up the cake photos, so she has to, and it was a habit now.

Then, just today, I had a potential client asking me if we pose people.  Seriously, she asked that, because so far, no one has said they do with any amount of confidence apparently.  She is worried that she has no idea what to do in front of a camera and will hate all her photos.

This my friends, is a sad state of affairs.  I cannot imagine any reality where this is acceptable.  Wedding Photographers generally charge a pretty good rate to shoot weddings, and it's their JOB to do these things.  Now we have coordinators that pose people and brides freaking out because they don't know how to pose.  WTF?

Now, if this were an isolated incident, I wouldn't worry much.  However, the fact it WAS A HABIT now for this coordinator who I've known for years and all the stories I hear from other coordinators and DJ's, florists, videographers, etc makes me really wonder.  I didn't even know this was a thing.

I always assumed it was the photographer's job to pose people, make them feel comfortable and use angles, lighting, pose and camera settings to capture the most flattering image they can.  Silly me, right?  Why would we expect photographers to do these things?  SMH.

So... if you're a bride looking for a photographer, ask them if they do their own stunts... err, posing!  Ask them if they pose you or are you expected to know the best poses, lighting, etc.  Maybe you can get a discount since you are then acting like their assistant!

Snarky, yep.  This kinda ticks me off though.  I see people out there charging double my rates with three weeks of experience, and they can't even pose a cake cutting.  Someone had to say it.  Might as well be me.

By the way... if you hire us:

  1. We expect you to know nothing about weddings.
  2. We expect to pose you so you look your best.
  3. We don't expect models, we like real people.
  4. We know this is your first time, we will be gentle.
  5. You will not be required to know anything about photography.
  6. You will get awesome images.