Morean Center for Clay Wedding – Andrea and David

The Morean Center for Clay Wedding is unique, trendy and beautiful, we highly recommend this venue.  Andrea and David were an amazing couple to photograph there.Andrea and David's St. Petersburg Wedding was truly one of a kind.  They managed to have an elegant event with posh and timely details that retained the feeling of an intimate gathering of family and friends. The connection between the people who came to celebrate Andrea and David's union was palpable.  It was a wonderful experience and one that I was honored to be a part of.  If this is what you're looking for, have a Morean Center for Clay Wedding, you won't be disappointed.

We started off at the Hilton Bayfront for getting ready images. The normal hustle and bustle was in full effect, yet everyone seemed happy and more than ready to get to the church for the big event.  Brian and I captured all the details and finishing touches as well as some candid moments.  Then it was off to St. Raphael's where we prepared for the arrival of the guests and quickly took some details of this lovely church.  After some pre-ceremony images of the happy bride and her bridesmaids it was time for the grand event.  Wedding ceremonies are always so lovely at St. Raphael's.  Brian and I are always sure to be respectful during wedding ceremonies, after all, this is the main reason why all are gathered this day.  We have heard many a disturbing story of other professionals actions during wedding ceremonies and strive to remain unnoticed.  We have training and equipment that allow us to remain unobtrusive and still able to do our jobs.  Afterwards came the rush of family portraits.  This is when we quickly organize groupings as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This is for multiple reasons. One, there is limited time at the church as they have other duties to attend to.  Two, we have all had our images captured where we had to wait and endure the tedious process where we just really wanted to get to the party.  We understand, trust us.  So, we make sure all important individuals are present and keep it light and fun.  In a matter of minutes, groups are ready to depart and are still happy with us!  It's a good thing.

Andrea and David had a bit of time and travel from the Church to the Morean Center of Clay so we took that opportunity to stop by a park that was on the way.  Here we were able to get a great variety of romantic shots of the couple surrounded by tropical greenery as well as a Bay side view.  Then it was back to the cars and onward!

The rest of the night was a blur of great food, fun music and touching moment after moment of family and friends wishing the newlyweds all the best.  Brian and I are truly honored to take part in Andrea and David's day and hope they have many more happy days ahead of them.  Enjoy their sneak peek!


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