Alyssa and Jimmy’s Engagement Session

Normally when someone says, "We're big sports fans, and want to be photographed in a baseball stadium in baseball outfits!", my mind wanders to, "So.... uniforms, how romantic.... and we likely need permits for the baseball field... and can we still use the time of day I want to use...."  And a million other things.  As a result, I will be honest here:  I try to dissuade people from doing such "themed" sessions.  GENERALLY SPEAKING, they turn into logistical nightmares and usually the photos are short term affairs, meaning, do you really want a photo of the two of you in full baseball regalia on the pitcher's mound as the ONLY memory of your Engagement Session?  But, it's not about me, so... I compromise! Well... all that said, I encourage variety.  Variety in scenery, and in this case, some with the baseball theme, some without.  So, we did half and half, Alyssa and Jimmy got permission to use the field, and, they weren't in full uniforms.  We did some photos at University of Tampa, so I got what I wanted, and then headed to the Baseball Field.  A few action shots, and a few relaxed poses and I think we nailed it. Enjoy their sneak peek!