Alexis and Jacob’s Univeristy of Tampa Engagement Session

Want to know what the coolest thing is about being a Wedding Photographer?  No... it's not the pay, trust me.  If it were we'd have even more Wedding Photographers (hint:  there are too many already!).  Is it the prestige?  Erm, no.  There's so many these days that bringing it up in conversation gets this response, "Oh, my little sister is a wedding photographer too!".  Yeah... grrrrreat. Is it the ability to make a living taking pictures?  Well.. that -is- something, and one of the things I like about my job. No, it's this:  GETTING REFERRALS.  Yup.  Referrals.  When someone loved what you did so much that they sent someone else to you, that's the best. Now, what's better?  When you did DAD's Wedding and HE sent his daughter to us.  Yeah, that's the best.  We've had it happen a few times, and It's pretty awesome doing 2 generations of weddings for the same family. Okay, Alexis and Jacob are so easygoing, yet very comfortable with each other too.  This is important, and this is why we push Engagement Sessions so much!  This is vital information for us, and, at the end of the session, the couple -should- be relaxed and at ease with us.  We are really looking forward to Alexis and Jacob's wedding this December! Here's their sneak peek!