Alexandra and Tim’s Sand Key Park Engagement

Well... when most people think of going to the beach for a photoshoot, they likely have in mind warm sand, maybe a little playing in the water, bare feet, waves splashing over them as they kiss while reclining against the rocks.  Umm, yeah, not today.  I think it was 50 degrees, at most.  I'm a pretty hardy guy, being from the North, and usually don't get cold.  After being outside for about 5 minutes that day, I put on a coat.  I did not regret it.

Alex and Tim were troopers.  There was initial concern as to whether we'd get "good pictures", which is understandable.  But, part of being a Professional Wedding Photographer is rolling with the punches and making lemonade (we all know the saying).  So... if it's cold, go with that.  Show that it's cold.  If we try to hide the cold and they're constantly taking off coats and jackets and acting like it's not cold, well, the result is fakery and it shows.  I'd much rather just embrace the weather at that point and work with it.  About the only time this is bad to do is with rain.  Our toys don't like being soaked.  But a light rain isn't too bad, it's just less than pleasant for those being photographed so we try to avoid that!

And so, we have a lovely couple, in coats, and sometimes a hood, cuddling in the cold, with beautiful skies and scenes around them.  Isn't that what most would consider "good pictures"?  Do they look cold?  Probably.  Were they cold?  Absolutely, at first.  But, with enough kisses, even 50 degrees can be warm!

Enjoy their Sneak Peek!