Duval Ballroom Wedding – Alex and Tim

The Duval Ballroom Wedding of Alex and Tim.

Weddings are a balancing act.  Balancing friends, family, food, vendors, time, weather, other's expectations, your own ideas, your fiance's.... all the while trying to enjoy your day and let everyone else have fun too!

Part of that balance is communication.  If everyone is on the same "page" per se, things go smoothly.  There's so many little things happening at a wedding that most don't even realize.  We have the rare opportunity to work behind the scenes and be in the know about what is happening.  We try to be on top of what's going on so we can help keep things on track and keep everyone satisfied if at all possible.

At this point, you might be thinking I'm being negative.  Not.  At.  All.  I'm leading up to a point, bear with me!

There are days when things just go super smooth, relatively speaking of course.  Those days when the stars align, the clouds help out, and it's not too hot.  Those days when the hair and makeup is on time, the guys aren't drunk, and in fact, are dressed early!  

Here's the crux of the thing... Most weddings we are fighting the clock.  We're fighting to stay on schedule because I hate to say no.  I'd rather be able to get in all the photos my couple might want than say "sorry, there's just not enough time", yet, I have to say that a lot.  This particular wedding, the ceremony time was changed, last minute.  So last minute that I found out when we arrived!  This is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  It's great because there's more time on the front end, but it's rough because that removes time on the back end.  It was just a half hour, how much trouble can that be, right?

Well... it pushed us that much closer to sunset during cocktail hour and to me, that's a big deal.  Sure, we can shoot in pitch dark, but... why?  Also, though it -can- be done, doesn't mean you will love the look of all of those photos.  We can't light the sky, no matter how much we try. so it will be black.... not the most appealing for your background.  And so... we made sure to finish the photos at sunset, well, a bit after.

I'd not taken one thing into account.  The ceremony time changed, but sunset didn't.  Our couple was now about 30 minutes EARLY to their reception.  Now, you might be thinking, "Why is that a problem?".  Food.  Yup, the food wasn't ready yet and the guests were getting antsy.  Well, me being me, I gave some quick advice to the couple, "Go around to your guests now, save that time to relax later!".  And so, Alex and Tim had visited with just about all of their guests before dinner was even over.  An unusual situation and one that really helped keep the wedding flowing.

In summary, trying to have a wedding go perfectly according to schedule is like... (showing my Nerdy side here)...  In the words of Zoe from Firefly, "It's like throwing a dart, Jayne, and hitting a bullseye six thousand miles away.".  Yeah, it's like that, except with kissing, and food and rings.

At the risk of being wordy (more wordy?), I'll say a bit about Alex and Tim now.  First, we did their Engagement Session a few weeks ago, and it was cold.  They braved it!  Same for the Wedding Day.  It was a bit colder than Alex really would have preferred, but... she did it!  These two mesh so well with each other, I can see why they got married.  There was a lot of laughs, smiles and good times with family and friends.  After all, isn't that what a wedding should be?  A celebration of all those things as two become one.

And of course... there's photos, enjoy their Sneak Peek!

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