Tampa Bay Wedding Photography at Affordable Prices

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I'm going to make this really simple.  Our Weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) rates start at just $1500.  That gets you... 

Brian and Derica as your photographers

6 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

Reprint rights on all your images

High resolution files of all your images

Of course, they're all custom processed to our exacting standards

Find out if we are available for your date.

If you're thinking, "But Bri, I just can't afford to spend $1500 for Photography.  Sorry dude, but I gotta keep looking.".  Here's something to consider:

The AVERAGE price of Wedding Photography in the United States for 2017 was about $3,000.  That is NOT with albums or extras, that's just the photography part.  We charge HALF that much to start.  Sure, you WILL DEFINITELY find someone to do it cheaper, but... once you go lower, I doubt you will find BETTER!

Are you like most people and have a realistic budget?  Are you looking for affordable wedding photography packages?  Well, affordable is perspective of course, but, our wedding packages start at just $1500 and that includes 2 photographers, 6 hours of wedding day coverage and all your images with shared copyright.  Full day, 8 hour coverage is just $2,000.  The average bride in Tampa Bay spent $2250 in 2016 for her Wedding Photography.  I like to say we're "Affordable High End Wedding Photographers", has a nice ring, doesn't it?


Yes, yes you can have high quality, award winning wedding photography without spending a down payment on a house for it.  We offer affordable wedding photography packages starting at just $1500 that include 2 photographers for 6 hours, and all your images as high resolution files.

Are you engaged and planning your wedding?  Have you started looking at photographers yet?  Yeah, I know, it’s quite a daunting task.  There are many, many Tampa, St Petersburg and Clearwater Wedding Photographers available.  I know, I’ve looked.  It also seems like everyone has their own rulebook when it comes to Wedding Photography Package Prices!

At Brian C Idocks Photographics, we offer top quality, a personalized experience, all the bells and whistles you should expect from a High-End Wedding Photographer.  We simply do it for a lot less money than most.  How?  Well, we don't have an outside studio.  Yes, the customer pays for that fancy office or studio whether they like it or not.  We also don't "pad" the bill with extras you don't want.  We do include all your EDITED images with each and every package though.  Don't want an Engagement Session?  Well.... read here before making up your mind.

We truly care about Wedding Photography and want to offer our services to Brides and Grooms, not just those with thick wallets.

Here's some examples of our work to get you started:

While I was looking around, something occurred to me:  Most of the Photographers I saw charged too much for their Wedding Photography Package Prices.  Yes, I admit it.  We nearly became one of “them”.  Instead of being a lemming and joining the crowd in overcharging for our services ,  we decided to take a good look at what we do for a living.  I found out that we could make affordable wedding photography packages that compete with the so-called cheap wedding photographers and thus, we became affordable wedding photographers.  These inexpensive wedding photography packages aren’t skimping on anything.  All of our packages come with everything you want from your wedding:  All of your images with reproduction rights, an Engagement Session, and…. we also offer custom designed Wedding Albums.  No, these are not flimsy Shutterfly books, these are real thick paged, honest to goodness Wedding Albums.  How can we do it so inexpensively?  Easy, we closed our big fancy studio (that you would never see after your consultation anyway), there's two of us, we work as a team, and... we're quite good at what we do.  Really, not bragging, but this is what we do for a living, not School photography, Families, babies, etc.  We are Wedding Photographers and we are serious about it.  Closing that studio was the best business decision we've ever made, and... it saves you money.  We found we needed to add as much as $1000 to $2000 to our packages just to keep the studio open.  Now... that's money we didn't get to keep, and yet, you had to pay!  Exactly, I didn't see the point either.

Here we are, years later, marketing Affordable Wedding Photography Packages, and loving every minute of it.  However, that said, don't wonder why we're so inexpensive.... wonder why the rest are so expensive!  Sure, it's an open marketplace, and people can charge what they wish.  Personally, I'd rather stay busy, do 40 or 50 weddings a year and make a ton of people happy than do a handful of weddings and lose my "edge".  Staying busy keeps you in practice, ready for anything.Why do photographers charge so much?  Well, there are several reasons, one is peer pressure, the other is ego.  You see, the Wedding Photography world is really quite small, most of us know each other, if not in person, we recognize the names.  When one wedding photographer raises their wedding photography package prices, or offers cheap wedding photography, the rest of the wedding photography community are likely to know about it.  There’s a sort of peer pressure to maintain a “standard” in wedding photography package prices.  I’ve yet to get a straight answer what those “standard wedding photography package prices” are, and I’ve been around for a long time in this business.   While I agree that there are some practices that every professional wedding photographer should follow... such as registering with the state, collecting and paying sales tax, getting a business license, getting insurance, etc, I DO NOT agree that everyone should charge the same rate.  By the way, you should check to make sure any photographer you look at has insurance, a business license and are in fact registered with the State to do business!

Also, though in general, you get what you pay for, that's not always the case.  Many, many photographers charge higher rates "just because".  Many charge lower rates because they feel they can't compete with the "big guns", since many of the higher priced photographers spend a fortune on advertising and marketing.  We strive to be affordable wedding photographers, but not necessarily cheap wedding photographers.  We offer all the best quality products, we just don't charge top dollar for everything.  Essentially, we feel that everyone deserves great wedding photography, yet not everyone can afford to pay many thousands of dollars for it.  That's where we come in.  When I ask our clients who they are looking at and comparing us to, it's pretty amazing that it's always the same four or five photographers, and they charge double what we do.In 2016, nationwide, Brides spent an average of about $2800 for photography.  In Tampa and St Petersburg, that number was about $2250, and that number doesn't include an album or an engagement session.

What does this mean for you?  Well, it means that we have taken a good hard look at our offerings, and re-created our Wedding Photography packages.  We’ve designed a more budget friendly pricing without sacrificing quality.

Let me explain what some of these things are, just so we are all clear on what is included in our Wedding Photography Packages:

  • Day-of Coverage.   You can also add time to any package, at any time, up until pretty much when we're packing to leave the wedding.  We offer 4, 6, and 8 hours of coverage, but you can always add more.
  • Engagement Session.  This is a very special photo session done prior to the Wedding Day.  It’s just the two of you, and me and Derica.  We go somewhere, like the beach, or Ybor City, and create unique, memorable photos of you.  You will receive these in your gallery (that you can download too!)  and you can use them for “save-the-dates” or create sign-in books or boards which you can design right on our website!
  • “The Disk”.  Everyone seems to want a disk of all their images from their wedding, and we don’t hold back.  All of our wedding photography packages include your images for download.  Now, just so you understand, these files are “print ready”, meaning they are high resolution, corrected files that you have the rights to reproduce either via email, copying to a disk, Facebook, making prints, whatever.  We don’t hold your wedding photographs hostage.  You can, if you want to purchase a USB drive loaded with your images.  We chose a really cool one in bamboo so yup, we're green too.  It even comes in a cute little bamboo box.
  • Online Gallery.  There are lots of people that attend your wedding that might want to see the photos, but never have the chance to see them in person.  We post your images in a private gallery on our website so these people (and you!) can see the images.  They can also order files and prints directly from our gallery so they don’t have to go through you.  Also, you will have a secret code given only to you that allows you to download the full size, reprintable files, either one at a time, or the whole shebang in one ZIP file.  The gallery stays up online for at least a whole year!
  • The Album.  We believe every bride should have a finished, designed, album from her wedding. Our albums are the modern "coffee table book" style. With thick lay-flat pages and several cover choices, all can be added to any package.


There you have it.  Affordable Wedding Photography, Budget Wedding Photography, or Inexpensive Wedding Photography, no matter how you slice it, this is what we offer.  To find out more, click PRICING at the top of this page, or click here.  While you’re here, take a look around our website.  I’m sure you will find that sometimes you get more than you pay for.


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