We decided we should each write about ourselves... it's harder than you think!

brian and derica idocks

One of our Engagement Photos!

brian and derica idocks

One of our Wedding Photos!

About Brian, in his own words:

Okay, so we decided to write our own "about us" pages. Bear with me, it's not easy.

Hmm, I'm definitely the "mouth" of the two of us. Generally, I'm the one talking. I make bad jokes, corny puns, and things like that to get a reaction. Some say I should come with a warning label, but, I'm sure they meant that in a good way... I hope.

I've been a Wedding Photographer so long, that I am unhirable (that's a word, I just made it up) for anything else. Personally, I'm in it for the romance, cheesey, I know. Well, that's me. Nothing gets me more excited than creating some dramatic, loving, tender, intimate moment for a couple that makes them make the sound. You know the sound, "Awww!". Love that.

Some of my favorite things to do at weddings:


Yes, I helped lace her corset Dress!

I escort Grandma's for photos. Yes, I put out an arm and bring them up and back. After all, this whole thing is their fault. I also tell that joke at EVERY wedding, much to Derica's dismay.

I hug my clients and sometimes their parents, siblings, anyone we built a connection with. Why? Who doesn't like a hug? We used to count our "success" at a wedding by how many goodbye hugs we got. No kidding.

In a surprising revelation of my skillset, I am very good at lacing corsets. I'm also a stickler for veil placement and straightness. Call it OCD, but I also straighten pictures on the walls of any room I walk into. Yes, I am a human bubble level, now you know my secret.

At every wedding, I try to do something unique, something creative that pushes my own artistic boundaries. I don't tell anyone this, just in case I mess it all up, but, when it works, and I giggle? Yeah, you know it worked. It's always a good sign when your photographer giggles after looking at a photo.


About Derica, in her own words:


I love waterfalls!

I'm in love with love and that is what makes me enjoy being a wedding photographer so much. It doesn't matter to me what form that love is either. I find joy in witnessing love of any age, religion, race or creed. It is the honesty of emotion that draws me in and nothing can define or restrain that.

I am a details freak. Shoes, flowers, letters, stationary, jewelry, candles, decor elements, the cake, ALL of the good stuff that I know our clients spent endless hours selecting get captured by my lens.

I am also the quiet one. This allows me to sneak in unobserved so that I can get those touching genuine moments. When grandpa dances with his granddaughter, when the father of the bride sheds a tear as he sees his daughter in her bridal gown for the first time, when guests burst into laughter at a funny comment during a toast, I am there with camera in hand.

I am also a helper. This means that if I am able I will go out of my way for you. I help brides with their dresses as they walk outside for portraits. I run upstairs to get that one thing that was accidentally left behind. I find other vendors if a client has a quick question that I can't answer.  I've been known to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "Wheels on the Bus" or play "Peek-a-boo" behind Brian to get the little ones attention during portrait sessions!

Anything I can do, that doesn't interfere with me capturing those important moments, I try my best to do. Anything I can do to make a wedding day run smoother, make our clients and their family and guests happy or even to aid a fellow vendor in need, I try my best to do.

Weddings often take a village to pull off successfully and I aim to quietly help the love get captured for you to enjoy in your happily ever after.

 What others say about us:


Brian and Derica did an amazing job at my wedding in Hilton Clearwater Beach, Florida on 22nd August 2013. I live in Ireland so choosing a photographer wasn't easy and to me this is one of the most important vendors for a wedding as you have your wedding photographs forever. Ronan and I met with Brian and Derica for our engagement session one week prior to the wedding and instantly they made us feel at ease. We have some really good memories from our engagement session and we left the session feeling like they were not just our photographers but our friends. I was then so much more relaxed approaching the wedding day as I knew what to expect and Ronan didn't feel as awkward. My family and my wedding party all loved Brian and Derics, they made us laugh so much and made the photographs such a fun experience. I cannot thank Brian and Derica enough doing such an excellent job!


Brian and Derica are AWESOME! When we met with them we felt right at ease with selecting them as our photographers for our wedding! Their personalities are great and they made it fun for not only us but for our guests when shooting our wedding. Their talent is great and our photos are beautiful! Awesome photographers!!!!!


One word AMAZING!!!! That is the best word to describe Brian and Derica. My husband and I read reviews and reviewed the work of Brian C Idocks Photographics, LLC and were impressed by what we read and saw. Photography was a major aspect of our wedding and we are so glad we hired Brian & Derica! They were easy and fun to work with as well as professional!! Brian was prompt with responding to e-mails and arriving on the day of the wedding. The turn around time for receiving all the wedding photos was impeccable!!!! In less than a week after our wedding our photos were ready for viewing and to be shared!! That is unheard of 🙂 We HIGHLY recommend Brian C Idocks Photographics, LLC to capture your special memories!!!


Brian and Derica were amazing to work with. They were very responsive throughout the planning process and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with them despite not being able to meet before the wedding.

I'm not a fan of overly posed pictures and like a variety that captures the entire event. He and Derica provided just that. The pictures they captured are stunning and a lot of the poses were a ton of fun. Derica is incredible with the kids, making sure they were always engaged in the photos and looking in the right direction. All of our guests commented on how much fun they were to work with and how great of a job they did at capturing the best pictures, but never being in the way.


Brian and Derica were awesome to work with and they are amazing photographers. They really capture every moment of the day and looking back through the photos allows me to re-live the day all over again 🙂 I highly recommend getting all day coverage (8 hours).


I cannot say enough about Brian and Derica. Not only are they AMAZING at what they do but they are Genuinely great people! From the moment Johan and I met them, they made us feel very comfortable and were very informative. We did an engagement session that came with our package and the pictures were amazing. Brian and Derica were easy to talk to and were responsive throughout the process. Brian was the jokster and Derica was the calm angel. They managed to get a smiling photo of my now husband and that is very hard to do! For the wedding they were so professional and on point that I had so much trust that my pictures were going to be magnificent. When I received them, they were exactly what I was hoping for! My friends are jealous because my pictures are GORGEOUS. They captured moments with my two dogs that made me so happy and so grateful. I appreciate their professionalism and their willingness to get the job done even though we were running behind they still managed to get beautiful shots. Thank you Brian and Derica! I will always look at my photos and remember moment by moment that day and you guys made it possible. I would recommend you guys in a heart beat! I cannot wait to share more memories with you guys in the future!


Honestly, we had such a blast meeting you...I can't think of anything! It was refreshing to have such talented and artistic photographers make us feel important! I imagine with the hundreds, probably thousands, events you photograph, it would be easy to look through us, but instead you made us feel instantly at ease. We can't wait to see what stunning photos you create for us!!


Dear Brian,Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me for brides against breast cancer.You made my wedding like something out of a cinderella story I will never forget you doing my pictures what a special gift from a very special individual I will never forget that day or the big heart you have, cassiday


Brian, it was quite a pleasure to meet you at the Vinoy "gig" last night! Your website is fabulous! Your work... Incredible! Very impressive! I can't wait to see the photos from the wedding!


I keep coming back to look at the photos... they are awesome and an inspiration! Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to reading more! See ya next week!


Brian Idocks is an AMAZING photographer. He never ceases to amaze us with his flawless work and out-going personality. Photographers are artists, and trying to work as a team on an event can be difficult, but with Brian it is the COMPLETE opposite. He works with us on the events throughout the day to make sure he captures the moments.


Brian Idocks is top notch!! We would highly recommend him to any bride and groom seeking the finest in photography for their wedding.


Brian C. Idocks is the man! We had so much fun working with him during our engagement photo session, and were amazed when we got those proofs. We were so excited to see what he would give us for our wedding, and we weren't disappointed! I want to give him like 100 stars! His work is absolutely amazing and impeccable! He captured our day absolutely perfectly! I am very proud of our wedding pictures and will forever treasure them!


I cannot say enough great things about Brian. He is great to work with, when your DJ and photographer are on the same page it makes for a great reception.Brian is team player and goes above and beyond for his clients. He has great personality topped of with an amazing eye for detail and is incredible at what he does. I look forward to every opportunity to work with him. I encourage you to look at his work, he is very talented and worth every penny. If your looking for a fun, upbeat, gifted photographer I would highly recommend Brian Idocks.


Brian can look at a situation and see exactly what the final product is going to look like before the camera snaps a frame. He gains an instant rapport with his clients and has amazing attention to detail. I enjoy working with him, and I always recommend him highly!